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We all know that the purpose of observing International Yoga Day on June 21 is the harmonious mass yoga demonstrations in which millions of people participate all over the world, in thousands of places. When the participation of people is on such a massive scale, there must be serious planning behind it, so that the demonstration is harmonious. Some of India’s most successful yoga gurus came together to address this problem. They developed the General Yoga Protocol for this purpose, which is essentially a specific sequence of Yoga Asanas of 45 minutes duration.

The Asanas and practices that are part of the protocol are selected in such a way as to provide maximum health and wellness rewards to a diverse group of people of different health profiles, age, etc. Experts believe that beginners can learn it in approximately 15 sessions of one hour each.

Protocol, therefore, will be the centrepiece of all activities related to the International Day of Yoga.

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